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Vermillion WipeOut

This is one of several series in which I have wiped away color. These series are an effort to describe the wholeness of my self before, during, and after the rape. In this piece, I start out with a fairly isolated, thick area of bright red. A new area of vermillion is placed upon the red, with the echo of the red showing underneath, and then a sunflower yellow is placed on top of these two areas, these colors representing the sun and the good, warm things about my life.

I am minding my own business until the green begins to envelope the other colors, crowding them all out, consuming them, until, ultimately, all of the colors are scratched away.

Cave of Red (part of Vermillion WipeOut)

The sixth image in this series expresses the interior/exterior aspect of the experience of rape. The interior represents the inner core of a person, and the green/brown represents the exterior, the force on the outside in the process of closing in on the inner core.

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