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 Staring into a Mirror 

 Have you ever found yourself staring into a mirror for 



 If you do it for long enough, you may find that a 

     disturbing pounding comes 
 It chants: Who are you who are you who are you? 

 Lock eyes with the image in the mirror. 
 You will be struck with terror and pleasure, 
     familiarity and strangeness. 
 The longer you stare the deeper you fall into an 
     abyss of compelling mystery. 

 What is this presence you touch? 

 Imagine now that you reach into the mirror and 
     take hold of this presence. 
 You place it in your palm. 
 It radiates light and quivers with energy. 

 It has a name – your name – family and friends 
     and an autobiography to tell. 

 It is the essence of your existence, the perfume of your soul.

 Imagine now that someone comes along 
     and with one deft motion, 
 Pries open your fist 


     that light from your palm. 
 You are witness to its theft and vandalization. 

 Then, the destruction complete, 
     back in your palm is placed a colorless, 
     drained essence. 
 You are told to close your hand upon this 
     metallic grey air 
 and pretend that nothing happened. 

 You stare down at your palm. 

 You stare into the mirror once more. 

 You see nothing: 

     it is empty 
     it is hollow 
     it is dead. 

 This is rape. 

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